Truly Unique

It's been said that "variety is the spice of life." In our many years of dealing with families in times of death, we realize that, like people, no two funerals are exactly the same. More and more, services are tailored to reflect the life of the deceased; his or her achievements, hobbies, and particular tastes. At Mealey's, we encourage and help our families design these services as a fitting sendoff to a life well lived.

With this in mind, we realize that some individuals have tastes that may be considered to be outside of what at is commonly accepted, especially in the traditional setting of a funeral. However, we believe these individuals should also have every right to tailor a funeral service to celebrate his or her truly unique personality.

This page discusses some of the options that are now available that Mealey's can provide. They aren't for everyone, but they might be for you.


Tribute Blankets

Tribute Blankets are like a hug that lasts forever. These unique 100% cotton blankets have a soft, comforting nature. They are personalized using a photograph of a lost loved one and can be made in time for display for a visitation or memorial service. And, they are woven in the USA.

If interested, please call or email the Mealey Funeral Homes directly.



Whether someone shines like a diamond or is a diamond in the rough, our loved ones are precious and lasting to us. LifeGem understands that love is more than a memory. To keep those memories with us forever, LifeGem discovered how to extract the carbon from existing cremated remains or a lock of hair to create a beautiful diamond as a memory that will last forever. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, carat sizes, cuts, and settings. The gems are actual diamonds, with amazing clarity and brilliance. Mealey Funeral Homes has been a certified partner with LifeGem since the early 2000's and we have found these diamonds to be remarkably beautiful.

If interested, please call or email the Mealey Funeral Homes  directly


Personal Rosary Beads

In Catholicism, a belief in the power of the rosary bead prayers is a step toward the redemption of the soul. Therefore, members of the church traditionally are laid to rest with rosary beads. We can now personalize rosary beads with the names or initials of family members.

If interested, please call or email the Mealey Funeral Homes  directly.


The ArtCaskets

Developed by a Texas casket design firm named WhiteLite, ArtCaskets™ are made using a patent-pending process to permanently laminate a high-resolution photo mural to the entire exterior of a quality steel casket.

If interested, please call or email the Mealey Funeral Homes  directly.

Celestis - Commemorative Space Flight

Celestis, Commemorative Space Flights

For those who have shared the pioneering spirit that advances humankind into new frontiers, and those who have marveled at the infinite beauty of the heavens above, Celestis offers a unique memorialization service that launches a symbolic portion of one's cremated remains into space. The Earthview service places the cremated remains in Earth orbit for a period of between 18 months and several years. Thereafter, the entire Celestis spacecraft reenters Earth's atmosphere and harmlessly vaporizes--blazing like a shooting star in final tribute. The Lunar missions will either orbit or land on the Moon. Scheduled for Fall 2001, Celestis will launch the Voyager service that will provide a virtually infinite journey through space. The spacecraft will fly by Jupiter on a trajectory out of our solar system.

If interested, please call or email the Mealey Funeral Homes  directly.


Eternal Reefs, Inc.

Eternal Reefs™, Inc. offer permanent living memorial reefs as a final resting-place for those who choose cremation, by integrating cremated remains into artificial reefs. The reefs are base structures for the growth of fish and other sea life and are placed in the world's oceans. The reef structure offers a spiritual memorialization--a final resting place in a beautiful aquatic setting--that is ecologically beneficial and forever changing.

If interested, please call or email the Mealey Funeral Homes  directly.