Edwina (Winnie) M. Stiles

Edwina (Winnie) M. Stiles, age 83, of Hockessin, DE passed away on Saturday June 16th, 2018.

Born in Jersey City, NJ, Edwina was the daughter of the late Elizabeth (Toth) and Edward Rosenbohm.

Winnie was a very talented artist and worked in many mediums, but watercolor and oils were her favorite. She entered her work in contests in the Delmarva area and won several awards for her beautiful paintings. She studied under various artists in Maine and also took numerous classes at the Art League of Ocean City MD.

She was a generous woman who gave most of her paintings away to family and friends. Winnie worked for 10 years as an assistant to the Pastor of the Martin Luther foundation where she was popular among the residents for her friendly smile and acts of kindness. In later years, she was employed as a children’s art teacher at the Sanford School in Hockessin, DE.

Winnie loved to travel and frequented Florida, California and Bermuda.  She had a love for life and passion for Hungarian and German foods, and she passed her family recipes down to her children.  She enjoyed cooking, shopping, jewelry and occasionally playing the slot machines with her family. Winnie was a kind soul, generous to a fault, and always was there to help her family. Winnie had a keen sense of humor and entertained her family with her 'one-liners'. We always thought she missed her calling as a comic.

Winnie loved animals throughout her life. She adored her cats, dogs and even rabbits.  She was always willing to give a needy pet a home.

Winnie was a devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  Some of her favorite activities were spending time with her family, eating Maryland hard-shell crabs and watching the Eagles games. Winnie always had a kind word to say and had a gift of making people feel good about themselves. She will be dearly missed by her entire family and many friends.

She is survived by her 3 children; daughters, Denise Matthews (Robert) of Newark, DE; Bonnie Shiffner (Robert) of Ocean City, MD and her son, Glenn Cauthren (Terri) of Palm City, FL; her 7 grandchildren, Kimberly Huerta-Matthews, Elizabeth Goins, Robert and Luke Shiffner, Felicia and Tonya D’Ascanio, and Jessie Cauthren; and her 12 great-grandchildren.

A visitation will be held on Friday June 29th from ­­­­2 P.M to 3 P.M with services beginning at 3 P.M at the Mealey Funeral Home, 2509 Limestone Road Wilmington, DE 19808. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions to the Delaware College of Art and Design in her memory. Online condolences may be made at


Submitted by Angela Evans-Buenano on
Such a beautiful eulogy. Thank you for sharing. Your mom left a true legacy especially through her work and paintings. She was truly a special lady.

Submitted by Brittany Amin on
Dear Stiles family, I am so sorry for your loss. I too have recently lost a loved one and it still hurts at times. I have found that the scripture at Psalms 55:22 really encouraged me when I was feeling down. That scripture reads “Throw your burden on Jehovah and he himself will sustain you, never will he allow the righteous one to totter.” At times it feels like the burden on grief can be too heavy. However, God offers us the opportunity to throw our problems on him and he will help us carry the load. Knowing that God is here to support me helped me greatly I hope it helps you too.

Submitted by Evelyn Green on
Again, my sincere sorrow goes out to Denise, Bonnie & Glenn. Sissy, Ellen and I were so fortunate to see our sister just two weeks before her death and she was so very happy that day. God bless all of you and I will keep her in my invocations at daily mass. Aunt Evie

Submitted by Rebecca on
My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May you find comfort from the words at 2 Corinthians 1:3,4

Submitted by ellen on
Love you big sister, always did, always Love you big sister. Always did, always will. See you later. With so much love from,Little sister!

Submitted by Bonnie on
Since last Saturday, Denise, Glenn and I have been reflecting on some thoughts and memories of Mom that we would like to share. She was so good to talk to, she would quietly listen, without interrupting and without passing judgement. Her love was unconditional. She gave compliments freely and frequently and she made people feel good about themselves. Supported her family through thick and thin, she was always there for my sister, brother and I when we needed her, but she never interfered. Mom LOVED her lipstick and as all of you probably know, it also doubled as her ‘rouge’. She said people didn’t use enough color….so I guess she used enough for all of us. She liked to snuggle up on the couch with us and a ‘fishbowl’ of wine (as she called it) to watch one of her favorite movies, The Notebook, Moonstruck and Sideways…. She had a big heart for all animals, especially her cats and her dog Sushi. She took in some pets when their owners had passed away. She even bottle fed a deformed baby rabbit that the mother rejected and kept it as a pet….in her house. My sister has fond memories of feeding Scruffy the rabbit. Mom was a fantastic cook, we spent countless weekends at her home in Bear Delaware. She welcomed all of us and all of our kids. It got pretty chaotic, but she always had a pot of something delicious on the stove. We would barbeque in her back yard while the kids ran under the sprinkler. She was an early riser. Mom would have her dinner on the stove and a painting done by 5 am …then she would call me and say ‘Hi Bon, what are you doing?’ And I would reply, umm, I’m sleeping…mom…, which is what most people are doing at 5 am. We always knew if she was ‘watching her weight’ and we teased her that she had a “bushel basket of fruit” on the front seat of her car, along with a diet Pepsi. Mom loved her jewelry, we suspect she had QVC on speed-dial. She LOVED to accessorize and encouraged us to as well. (Yes mom…… I am wearing the earrings you gave me). We smiled when we were told last Saturday….’Well………..your mom has on 5 rings, 2 bracelets, a watch and 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings”……Denise, Beth and I had a little chuckle at a very sad time. She was hilariously funny, not many people knew that about her……. We always told her she missed her calling as a stand- up comic. As a matter of fact…..just last Friday afternoon she told me she didn’t like her new roommate, and I said well mom you ran the other 2 off…her reply was….’This one is getting run off too!” When we asked her is she would live with us, she would reply, “Denise is too neat, Florida is too hot, and Bonnie you have too many steps.” Although she loved that Denise and I were nurses, We DARE not give her medical advice without hearing “Thank you girls, but you are NOT doctors”. While we were growing up, she was active in our church and volunteered for Hot Dog days, Spaghetti dinners and the various bazaars and bake sales. She drove our old station wagon, carpooling my brother and his friends to school. Glenn remembers her holding him up to the front door window to wave goodbye to Denise and I every day when we left for school. We all spent many a Saturday afternoon during Christmas season turning old Readers Digest magazines into little Christmas trees for the holiday fair. We remember Saturday breakfasts in the summer outside…. under our mimosa tree. Mom would hand the scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes from our garden out the kitchen window to the picnic table. We have fond family memories of piling in the station wagon in our pajamas and going to Pleasant Hill Drive In. Mom always got a Chinese Egg Roll, for some reason we were never allowed…we’re still trying to figure out why! She was my fellow Eagles fan and loved watching their games, especially this year. Mom loved her grandkids and when she watched them for us, they all got ‘art lessons’ whether they liked it or not. She involved them in cooking and jam making as well. She was a talented artist and always gave her work away…wanting nothing more than to know people liked and appreciated her paintings. She taught us about art, color, composition and how to correctly hang a picture……If we hung one too high…which we often did, she would point it out and make us fix it. Although she didn’t paint as much recently, she painted nursery pictures for her twin great grand-children. Growing up, she made a lot of our clothes. She once made matching outfits my sister and brother and I out of her black corduroy skirts then embroidered them as well. She made a beautiful prom dress for my sister, and my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding. She was always ready to travel. We went to California and Florida with her twice a year to visit family, she enjoyed exploring new places. We took her to Bermuda a couple times, where she toured the island on the back of our Mopeds. Mom enjoyed fishing. She loved going out on my brother’s boat, both in the Delaware Bay and in the Florida Keys. She loved riding in the golf cart around my brother’s farm and visiting farm animals. Her favorite food was any kind of seafood: Lobster, shrimp, Oysters and hard shell crabs. As much as she loved seafood, for some reason she could not STAND chicken…….. and was quick to remind us…...and often! She LOVED German and Hungarian foods, and looked forward to her sisters bringing it to her. She loved her Galushka, Sauerbraten with Kertoffel kloise, Kale and Pinkelwurst and kielbasa. She made Stollen holiday bread that looked like it came from a bakery. She taught us how to make all of these dishes and then passed the torch to us, and we made a yearly event out of it. Mom loved spending time with all her sisters, whether going to Atlantic City or a chatting at a family picnic. In earlier years, we all camped together, all her sisters and their families, making some funny and lasting memories. She told me recently about skiing in Bromley VT with Aunt Betty, down a trail called ‘The Lord’s Prayer” and remarked ‘I had to recite the Lord’s Prayer to get down that mountain! These are just a few of the memories we have been talking about in the last week. I am sure as days go by we will remember many, many more. Now comes the hard part, figuring out what we will do without her. We love you and miss you mom.